Powering delivery of real time advisory and execution services on a large scale through mobile devices and the web

Revolutionizing the way investment advisers interact with, and serve their clients, making traditional one-on-one meetings and phone calls redundant

what we do

Nummularii’s solution automates investment advisory services by digitizing them, in order to make the whole process more simple, efficient and less expensive.

Nummularii’s solution enables advisers to ‘unlock’ and easily share their financial knowledge with new clients, that didn’t have access to it until now, by allowing them to be more proactive and increase engagement with all their clients simultaneously

We enable banks' investment professionals to focus more on their expertise, analysis and to follow changing markets, all, while delivering ongoing proactive guidance to each unique investor

Instead of serving one client a time, bank advisers can now provide customized advice and send it simultaneously to an unlimited number of different portfolio owners rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively

We build investment technology that helps all kinds of investors to better decide on investment advice and manage their own portfolios through mobile or web platform

We free investors from the burden of being actively engage, analyzing and reading market reports and instead allows them to receive high quality tailored investment advices which are triggered by real time events

Investors, upon receiving the advice, will be able to choose whether to execute the advice or reject it on the spot with the push of a button, with no need to log into a different application

Product & technology

Nummularii develops enterprise software solutions to the banking industry

Our technology enables bank’s advisors to provide their clients with a personalized, actionable financial advices that are pushed directly to apps on users’ mobile devices and desktops and then allows investors, with just a few clicks, to act instantly upon the advice using the same app on a unified integrated platform

Integrative platform

Nummularii’s system is integrated into the bank's trading and IT infrastructure and works with already existing tools and application used by analysts and advisors

Solution that blend human expertise and advanced technology

Technology that is based on financial-expert system methods that mimic human financial expert capabilities by automatically applying a set of configured and controlled algorithms to financial advice

Mass customization advisory platform

For each new advice input into the system, a real-time automated screening & customization process is triggered which takes into account portfolio’s predefined constraints, preferences and dependencies for all and each of the investors